Professional Countertop Cleaning Services

Rid Your Countertops of Dirt and Bacteria

Granite countertops are extremely beautiful. They are also one of the best countertop products on the market, because they are scratch and chip-resistant. However, your countertops can often take a real beating over the years as you and your family utilize sharp knives to prepare dinner.
Keep the dirt and bacteria out of the scratched surfaces with our professional services. Great Scott Maintenance can clean and seal your countertop, so that you can enjoy it for many more years to come.

We Maintain Marble Tiles Too!

Think we can only maintain and restore granite? Think again! Because we're skilled at marble tile polishing, we are also able to offer our services for marble countertops. Call us today for more details.
Countertop Cleaning

A Variety of Countertop Services

  •  Cleaning
  •  Restoration
  •  Sealing
  •  Maintenance
  •  Polishing
Countertop Cleaning

37 Years of Experience in Marble Cleaning and Restoration

Don't trust your flooring, tile, and countertop investments to just any cleaner with a bucket of soap and a brush. Put your trust in our team of experts. We have 37 years of experience providing outstanding customer services.
FREE personalized estimates are available. Call us today!

We can restore your counter-top surfaces to a high-polish shine.

Extend the life of your granite counter-tops with our cleaning and sealing services.

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